Scope Of Recruitment Services

In general, to provide all types of workers ranging from unskilled to highly skilled consultants, specialist, and technicians according to specifications set by the Client Employer.

The Recruitment Process

Government Documentation and Accreditation

Job Order

Prior to any actual recruitment and deployment activities, the client organization must be recognized ("accredited") by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA). Certain documents may be required by the Philippine Labor Department to be Authenticated or Certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Chamber Commerce and Trade of the host country. It is imperative that this one time step be given the highest priority to avoid unnecessary delays in actual recruitment and deployment operations.

To achieve, the following documents must be submitted: (For NEW Employers/Companies NOT Accredited with other Recruitment Agencies in the Philippines)

  1. Photocopy of the principal's /employer's Commercial or Business Registration (Certified by the Ministry of Trade of the Host country and chamber of commerce).
  2. A "special Power Attorney" (SPA) written on the official stationery (letterhead) of the principal /employer, (please see attached copy for reference) and must be authenticated by the Ministry and Chamber of Commerce).
  3. A "Demand Letter of Job Order or Manpower Request" written on the officiai stationery (letterhead) of the principal employer, (please see attached copy for reference).
  4. An "Authority to Withdraw Visas" together with the Original Visa receipt (must be authenticated by the Ministry of foreign affairs and Chamber of Commerce).
  5. A "Contingency Letter" written on the official stationery (letterhead) of the principal / employerployer, (please see attached copy for reference).
  6. A "Recruitment Agreement" written on the official stationery (letterhead) of the principal/employer, (please see attached copy for reference).
  7. Model Employment Contract. Or sometimes known as Standard employment Contract.

In any case the Employer/company was already accredited with another agency, an additional documents are required, such as revocation of Special Power of Attorney ie. "Courtesy Letter" addressed to the previous Recruitment Agency and must be faxed to the Philippine Overseas Employrnent administration. For other categories like, Domestic Helpers and all household workers, a complete set of documents can be found and secured from the nearest Philippine Consulate in the city of the host country and in addition to items 2,3,4,5 for Drivers, an Original copy of the Insurance policy for the accepted Driver and the vehicle is required unless the visa category is any other skill not driver


This activity begins with the complete definition of the manpower requirement of the Employer. It is mandatory to have the following information at this point: Demand Letter, Job Order or Manpower Request - this identifies the categories, number of workers, compensation package and other benefits of each worker needed. Should there be additional requirements in the future, another job vacancies other documents such as letter for additional manpower request rnust be sent for pre processing. Job Description - this describes in detail the job requirements and minimum qualification of the candidates for each category of workers needed (To be sent by fax or email for reference and documentation purposes). Compensation Package - this will include basic salary, food allowance, accommodation, allowance, overtime policy, relocation benefits, medical benefits, etc. Employment Terms and Conditions - all details needed to draw the employment contract. This will include the contract duration, probation period, etc.Depending on the type, nurnber and local availability of the job categories, we will draw up a sourcing plan. This plan may include, advertisement on print and broadcast media, provincial recruitment, Tele sourcing, networking and on line sourcing etc. We will conduct preliminary screening to determine broad technical and education qualifications, English language proficiency and work attitude. The end result of this activity is a short list of candidates for each job category, preliminary to the final interview and selection. Please note that at this point, no medical examinations, passporting and trade testing may be done because of huge expenses involved in these tests. Philippine law disallows/ prohibits us to burden applicants with premature expenditures.

Final Interview and Documentation of recruit Workers

The employer has the full option to:

  • Personally come or send a representatives to conduct the final interview of short-listed candidates.
  • interview via internet means like skype or similar internet applications of choice and availability
  • Set back and relax while our authorized technical staff to professionally do the job. This activity must be done as soon as possible to keep the qualified applicants' interest in the job. Clearly prior to the employer or representative's arrival, an interview schedule is prepared, permit to conduct interviews is issued by pertinent administration and appointments and schedules are confirmed.
  • Should the principal authorize us to conduct final interview,complete interview results, technical evaluations and comprehensive resumes will be forwarded to employers for final selection and approval.
  • After final interviews and finalizing the list of successful candidate classified as first choice, second choice and third choice, medical examinations, passporting, visa application and authentication of relevant documents will be done

Job Offer

  • To formalize the Employer's offer, we require that a written Job Offer be accomplished by the employer and the selected candidate under care of the agency.
  • This offer will be the basis for medical test, documentation and processing to start.
  • To avoid deployment delays, we request that at this stage a back- up or alternative candidate be named as well. This back-up or alternative candidate will be process instead if the primary candidate failed in the medical test or for any other reason fail to be deployed.
  • This activity must be completed within one day to one week depending on the volume and the deliberation process required to arrive at a decision.

Visa Processing

Upon completion of the passport and other necessary documents, the visa is applied for stamping if the host country's policy as such in certain countries, educational documents (Diploma, Transcript of Records, Vocational Certificates etc... are to be authenticated by their embassies, depending on country-specific consular schedules.

Contract Signing

As soon as the selected candidate passes the medical examination (and without waiting for other less problematic steps) we will require him/her to sign the employment contract necessary documents including performance/repatriation bonds wili be executed by the candidate to ensure the commitment of the applicant that, he/she will not apply to other employers, he/she will definitely board the airplane to work site as scheduled, and that he/she will be penalized should he/she fail without employers consent.


Simultaneous to documentation and processing activities, ticketing and booking will be done according to the schedules require by the employer and employee. In addition,"Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar"will be conducted by us. Attendance by each worker is compulsory,

Period Of Delivery

Deployment will be within FOURTY FIVE (45) working days from the time of receipt of visa, authority and employment contract, but it varies with some skilled and professionals whose deployment is dependent on authentication of credentials such as license, trade test for professionalism, school records etc. "Period of delivery for all jobs may be less than the above mentioned but not assurance however it should not exceed it". Ary other categories will be dependent on the skill needed and will be subject to understanding and agreement between the 2 parties before sending the visa.

Guarantee to the Employer's and Circumstances for Replacement

The Agency shall replace any terminated contract of worker found to be unacceptable to the EMPLOYER, provided that: the Recruitment and Selection of the worker were undertaken exclusively by the Agency without the participation of the Employer. Note that if the Employer's Representative made the final selection, then that constitutes participation. The ground for termination of the worker's contract is due to any of the following:

  • The worker is NOT qualified for the position applied for.
  • The worker is medically Unfit to work (medical certificate from government hospital authenticated by Philippine embassy or consulate in the host country is a must)
  • Misrepresentation or concealment by the worker of relevant information or materials relevant to his capacity to satisfactorily and competently perforrn the job/work which he is hired for.
  • Serious Misconduct,willful disobidience of Employer's lawful orders, habitual neglect of duties, absenteeism, insubordination, revealing secrets of the Employer's establishment, engaging in trade union activities, and violation of the religion customs, traditions and laws of the Employer's country and/or terms of the Employment Contract by the workers.
  • The employee voluntary refuses to work the job assigned and which he was recruited for.
  • Provided also ,that the employer notifies the agency in writing of his intention to terminate the contract of worker and the reasons thereof, within a month before actual termination to give enough time to solve the problem or settle issues to the best interest of all parties. Upon due fulfillment of this guarantee, the Agency shall also undertake the REPLACEMENT of the terminated contract worker if the Employer so requires. Should you need more of assurances and guarantees it suffices to say that the embassy is welcome always to settle any confusion and put matters in the right tract and any proposed settlement by the embassy will absolutely be honored for the welfare of all parties.

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