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Our company is based on values and is a duly-licensed recruitment agency registered under the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission with Registration Number PG201716210 with the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration with license number POEA-042-LB-11017-PL GFIES seek to be at the forefront in the recruitment and employment of land-based overseas Filipino workers. GFIES is a professionally managed by dedicated and result oriented team who is committed to render quality services demonstrated by providing ideal human resources to meet and match the full satisfaction of clients whatever your company size's, industry, stage of development and needs.

GFIES will keep on working towards the betterment of manpower overseas recruitment business. It shall adhere to internationally accepted set of standards in the trade, guaranteeing the reliability of every worker the company hires and sends to its clients abroad. It is committed in providing quality service to its clientele from all over the world. Excellence is set as the hallmark of GFIES services so that it will gain the trust and confidence of its principals/employers.

GFIES is strongly committed to assist you in all your endeavors to achieve virtually your ultimate goal of having the worth of every penny you invest. Reduction of burden and liability while increasing, hiring success is always the objective. Hence, GFIES provides a close-up look at the real person behind the resume through validated, bias-free personality testing to deliver a logical, uniform process of evaluating job applicants.

GFIES caters professional human resource consultancy making total solution to your recruitments needs of all categories for all your various position in all your different needs. The right one in the right place at the right time for the right return is our source of pride and success, which could neither be imitated nor matched.


To Provide World Class Opportunities for the Filipino workers.

To establish and engage professional business with reputable companies, establishments, organizations and individuals.

To recruit and supply highly qualified workers.

To provide quality service that satisfies both employers and employees.

To ensure that employees are in good hands with the employers and agency

To ensure that employers are in good hand with the employees and agency as well.

To always work with Conscientious and Ethical Business Standards




To build pure humane relation with people of all walks of life.

To excel and to pioneer in the field of recruitment industry.

To outrival the competitors and have the shining name high.

To expand business where ever it is surely feasible.

To grow and become the preferred business partner of choice for manpower, risk management and alternative marketing services,and go beyond the limits of customer satisfaction to be able to set a paradigm that uplifts the integrity of the manpower,risk management and marketing service industry as a whole.



Martha O.Tulang

General Manager


Fermin G.Nebres

Asst.General Manager and Finance Manager


Meckael Katrina R.lintag

Administration Manager


Eloisa L.Grepo

Documentation Officer


Maria Sonia O.Aspril

Operation Manager


Rosana E.Guerra

Liaison Officer



Golden Faith International Employment Services Co.
Unit A 102-105 LJHenson Building; 494 Soldado St.
Ermita Manila
  • +63 (02) 562 8617
  • goldenfaith.recruitment@gmail.com

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